3 Must-Haves for a Woman On-The-Go

If you are like us, you are always on the move.

Whether you are a working student, a frequent traveler, or anything in-between, we have three things that a woman on-the-go simply can't live without.



These Casery accessories are the cell phone trifecta; it includes a phone ring, wallet, and headphones. Keep your ID and ticket right with you as you wait in the airport or stash the wallet with your debit card for fast purchases. Don't go another day without the things that can make your life a bit easier.



Hudson & Bleecker travel bags are the ultimate way to travel in style. We have several styles and colors in store, but our favorites are the jewelry folio and the toiletry bagNot only is the toiletry bag the best way to store and organize your toiletries when you travel, but it also includes a clear, TSA approved bag for your liquids. Truly a match made in travel heaven.


We are suckers for a good sneaker, but we know they don't always make the cut in more professional office spaces. Our solution? Bring both! Sneakers are great to walk around campus or explore a new city, so we suggest storing a pair of loafers in your bag to swap out when you need to look a bit more polished. Loafers are more compact than some other dressy shoes options, and we love what they bring to a good outfit. Why choose one when you could have both?


We love these products, we want to give some of them to you! Go check out our Instagram to enter a giveaway for the Casery accessories set and a phone case of your choice!


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