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If you’re like us, then you love great-smelling candles. After all, a well-designed candle vessel can transform the look of any living space, and a distinct, delicious fragrance can put a smile on anyone’s face no matter what mood they’re in. We don’t have a large selection of candles on our online store here at Masons, but the selection we do have offers the perfect balance between decorative designs and heavenly aromas. Check out the candles by Capri Blue that we have available for order online, and remember: all orders totaling more than $75 ship for free!

The candle manufacturers at Capri Blue know how to craft high-quality, delightful-smelling candles as well as the chic, upscale vessels that they’re held in. Their candles are scented in house by professional perfumers as well as hand-poured to ensure the best, most eco-friendly product every time. Capri Blue offers each customer an infusion of exquisite aromas paired with exclusive style. These candles are available online at Masons in three fragrances and designs.  

All three of these candles from Capri Blue’s watercolor collection feature distinct aromas and beautiful, watercolor jars. The Blue Jean flavor, which features the blue jar, boasts a smell comprised of citrus, white musk, and patchouli for a clean, fresh scent. The Aloha Orchid flavor in the yellow jar is more floral, the pleasing scent formed with the aromas of orchids, jasmine, and gardenias. Finally, the Volcano flavor, featuring the green jar, is committed to sweet smells with scents from tropical fruits and sugared citrus. These 19 ounce jars have 85-hour burn times, so you’ll be able to enjoy the unmatched fragrances for days and days.

If you’re tired of the same old candle selection at your local shops, give these unique, quality candles from Blue Capri a try. After experiencing the bouquet and style of a Blue Capri candle, you’ll need to try every flavor. Shop our selection of Blue Capri candles today, or browse the rest of our website to order clothes online at Masons.

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