Recruitment Ready: Picking the Perfect Preference Dress

We know you want to find the perfect dress to wear that final day of recruitment, so we are sharing some of our favorite dresses that will help you make it through the long (but fun) week.

Not super comfortable spending all day in a dress? Grab a romper for a sportier, more relaxed feel. We love this red lace option!  

The sweetest pink dress with a dropped waist; it gives you shape without being too tight. The perfect companion for Preference round!

This simple, tailored dress has a sophisticated look, and the fun purple color speaks for itself. This dress is a great way to make an entrance!

We know that sunburns can take over during recruitment week. The light fabric on this dress will keep you cool and give you some protection from the sun! 

This dress is the perfect, comfortable silhouette after a long week. The fun, floral patterns and colors would be perfectly paired with a bold heel.


Whether you want to stay casual or go all in, we have options for you to find the perfect dress to round out the week!


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